Where is Blue Mosque located?

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Sultanahmet Square, At Meydani Cd No:7, 34122 Fatih/Istanbul

The Blue Mosque is a famous landmark in Istanbul, Turkey, located in the historic area called Sultanahmet. This part of the city is on the European side and is home to other important sights. The mosque is near Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, making it a great spot to start a day of sightseeing in Istanbul.

Closest Landmark

The Blue Mosque is very close to other key attractions. It’s about 500 meters from Hagia Sophia and around 300 meters from Topkapi Palace. This makes it easy for visitors to walk to and explore.

Getting to the Blue Mosque by Public Transport

By Bus

Closest Bus Stop: Çatladıkapı – Yenikapı Yönü (10-minute walk)

Travel Time from Airport: About one hour by bus.

Bus Routes: Buses like 35A, 36, 36ES, 38, 38Z, 97, and 92B stop here.

Last Bus: The last bus, BN1, gets near the Blue Mosque around 12:10.

By Train

Closest Train Station: Sirkeci (18-minute walk)

Travel Time from Airport: Around one hour by train.

Train Lines: You can use the Marmaray line routes like Ataköy – Pendik and Halkalı – Gebze.

Last Train: The last train from Halkalı to Gebze is a good option to get close to the Blue Mosque.

By Tram

Closest Tram Station: Sultanahmet (5-minute walk)

Travel Time from Airport: About one hour.

Tram Route: The T1 tram will take you to the Blue Mosque.

Walking Distance: It’s just a 5-minute walk from the Sultanahmet tram station to the Blue Mosque.

Walking to the Blue Mosque

Travel Time: 3 minutes (200 meters)

Closest Landmark: Hagia Sophia

Details: It’s very quick to walk from Hagia Sophia to the Blue Mosque.

By Car

Driving Tips: It’s not recommended to drive because it’s hard to get close by car and there’s not much parking.

Parking: The nearest place to park is about 15 minutes away on foot.

Best Ways to Get to the Blue Mosque


The cheapest way to reach the Blue Mosque is by using public transport. In Istanbul, the tram is very affordable and convenient. The T1 tram line goes right to the Blue Mosque, making it easy and cheap to get there.

Fastest Route

If you’re in a hurry, the fastest way to get to the Blue Mosque is by car or taxi. This way, you can go straight to the mosque without any stops. A car or taxi can drop you off right in front of the mosque.


If it’s your first time in Istanbul, walking is a great way to see the city. You can slowly enjoy the views and sounds as you walk. Try walking from the Blue Mosque to nearby places like Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. Walking lets you see more of the city’s beautiful sites up close.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reaching Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is at Sultanahmet Square, At Meydani Cd No:7, 34122, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Blue Mosque is in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey.

You can get to the Blue Mosque by bus, tram, or metro. Most of these transport options stop near Sultanahmet Square, just a short walk from the mosque.

Driving or taking a taxi is the fastest way to reach the Blue Mosque, especially if you are coming from Istanbul International Airport, which takes about an hour.

The closest bus stop is Çatladıkapı – Yenikapı Yönü, about a 10-minute walk from the Blue Mosque.

The nearest train station is Sirkeci Station, about an 18-minute walk to the Blue Mosque.

There is no parking right at the Blue Mosque, but you can find parking nearby at Sultanahmet Square.

Yes, if you’re near Hagia Sophia, it’s a very short walk to the Blue Mosque, usually about 2 minutes. This makes it easy to visit both places quickly.

The nearest tram station is Sultanahmet Station, about a 2-minute walk to the Blue Mosque.

The cheapest way to get from Taksim to the Blue Mosque is by tram, which costs about €2 and takes about 21 minutes. The fastest way is by taxi, taking about 7 minutes.

The easiest way to get there is by taking the tram to Sultanahmet. It’s only a two-minute walk to the mosque from the tram stop. If it’s busy, you might have to wait in line. The Blue Mosque is also just two minutes on foot from Hagia Sophia.

The distance by road between Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) and the Blue Mosque is about 45 km.