Discover Maiden's Tower: A Top Sight in Istanbul

Inside Maiden’s Tower: Step Back in Time

Come see Maiden’s Tower and explore a big part of Istanbul’s past mixed with exciting current stories. Walk around its old walls and learn about the tower’s long history and beautiful design.

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View from the Top: See Istanbul Spread Out Below

Go up to the top of Maiden’s Tower for an amazing view over Istanbul. From the top, you can see the lovely Bosphorus Strait and the busy city streets. Be sure to check the maiden tower opening hours so you can pick the best time to visit.

Stories of Maiden’s Tower: Myths and History

Hear the famous tales linked to Maiden’s Tower, like the story about an emperor who built the tower to save his daughter from a dangerous snake bite. These tales show how important the tower has been in Istanbul’s history.

The Architecture of Maiden’s Tower: Lasting Beauty

Look at how strong and pretty Maiden’s Tower is, from its thick stone base to the top. See the skill of the people who built it a long time ago and how well it was made.

Tips for Visiting Maiden’s Tower

Plan your visit to Maiden’s Tower easily. Learn the best times to go to miss the crowds and take the best photos. Find out the cost to enter and maiden’s tower ticket price before you go by looking at the official website.

FAQs about what's inside the Maiden’s Tower

Inside Maiden’s Tower, there is a museum with old things to look at and stories about the tower’s history. There is also a place at the top where you can look out and see the whole city and the sea.

Yes, you can go to the top of Maiden’s Tower. It has a great view of Istanbul and the water around it. It’s a good place to take pictures.

Maiden’s Tower’s famous story is about a king who built the tower to protect his daughter from a snake bite as predicted by a fortune teller.

Maiden’s Tower is a key historic site in Istanbul, known for its story and unique location in the Bosphorus, making it a popular spot for visitors.

The best time to visit Maiden’s Tower to avoid a lot of people is on weekday mornings or late afternoons. Weekends and evenings are busier.

Yes, you need to buy a ticket to get into Maiden’s Tower. The maiden tower tickets price is around 30 EUR.